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In this actual snapshot breakdown, these are the earnings from the first night of a new performer. She followed our process. She filled out the online Sign Up form, completed all of the registration steps, made sure that her Internet speed was as fast as she could get it, went out and purchased a Logitech HD Webcam Pro C920 for under $80 as well as purchased two desk lampsthat she placed behind her new HD webcam and shined on herself like spotlights at a photo shoot. To make things even more comfortable she also purchased a wireless keyboard and mouse combo so she could relax and control her lap top from a distance. Using great conversation techniques and the sex toys that she purchased online at AdamEve.comon her first night, this new performer made $169.79 within her first 5 hours of working.  So at this rate she is already averaging $34/hr. How many people do you know that would love to start a work from home job tomorrow that pays $34/hr?! This is a GREAT money making opportunity. All you have to do is upgrade your Internet speed, invest in the right tools and put in the time working a regular weekly work schedule and you too could be on the road to riches!!!

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Performers can live very comfortably on a webcam model salary

I honestly don't know any webcam models that have an office job. We have webcam models which also do glamour photography but this is mainly through choice as opposed to needing the money. Earning $300 a day for 5 days a week is $6,000 a month. That's hardly a salary to turn your nose up at or even work a second job.

Being a webcam model requires little time compared to an office job
The average time we see webcam models online for is around 4 hours a day in which most of the paid time is around 2 hours a day. Most of our webcam models don't log in untill 10pm and normally stay online until 1am. This means that most webcam models have the whole day to do other things like look after family, hobbies or do other work.

Webcam modelling is a great business if you have bills that need paying off
After talking to some of the webcam models that we work with, a big reason they start is due to paying off debt. Webcam modeling is quick and easy money and can go a long way if you have bills lining up. A webcam model that approached us a few months back had 2 loans and a car repayment to make. She followed our advice on marketing through social networking sites and within 2 months had paid back her loans and now has a good career as a webcam model. She told us that her only regret is that she didn't do this years ago.

Webcam models can earn $200-$500 per day

We kid you not; most webcam models will earn around $300 per day for just a few hours work. The webcam models that embrace social media and build a good reputation can earn 3 times that amount, again, for just a few hours work a day. By providing a service that covers a broad range of fetishes, webcam models can appeal to a large audience and make even more money.

Webcam modeling can easily fit around family life
Family life is important especially if you have children. Working a 9-5 can really impact family life at office jobs don't fit around you, you fit around the office job. Having the financial freedom to spend more time with family is something everyone craves but sadly isn't a luxury everyone can have. With webcam modeling it gives you just that, the freedom to enjoy family life without work commitments. The only commitment you have is working the hours you choose and when you've made enough money for the week, sit back, and enjoy the free time.

Webcam modeling has put many performers through Colleges and Universities
Obviously to be a webcam model you need to be over 18, that goes without saying. Luckily in most countries education is free until you reach that age. But what about when you want to go to University and your course fees, accommodation and general living bills exceed $15,000. We're not all lucky enough to have a mom and dad that will pay for all this and this is where webcam modelling can help. Because webcam modelling offers such large payouts and also fits around your current schedule, webcam modeling is great for University and College students.

Being a webcam model can open doors to other opportunities such as glamour modeling
We have seen many webcam models progress from webcam modeling into glamour photography for some pretty big magazines. People say that webcam modeling is the step before doing porn but this is not the case. If you want to get into porn then I'm sure it can open those doors as well but most of the webcam models that we speak to often go down the glamour photography root.

Even part time webcam models make very good money
As we have said before, webcam modeling requires very little time. There are certain times of the day when being online and ready to webcam will be much more lucrative, this tends to be later on the evening. We would highly recommend giving webcam modeling a chance. If you already have a full time job don't do anything crazy like quit, at least not until you like the profession and are earning a good income.

Building Your Social Media Pages

If you want to stand out from your competitors then you must become socially active and build a fan base. Social sites like Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook together with mobile apps make it so easy for webcam models to become very popular online and build a great following. Using social media to promote your webcam modeling profile will open so many doors and and lead to many possibilities.

Channel 5, documentary looking into the lives of several webcam models. This documentary focuses more on the fun, fetish side of webcam modelling and not on the seedy directories that just offer sex shows. This documentary provides and great insight to webcam modelling.

Webcam Girls: At Your Service

Over the past 5 years webcam modelling has become more and more popular. This Billion Dollar industry has attracted women of all ages with all kinds of entertainment to offer. Some webcam sites say they get over 1,000 new applicants a day signing up, WOW.

Why Are Webcam Models so Popular

Why Am I Addicted to Webcam Models

One of our regular webcam users gave us a little insight into why webcam models are so addictive. Fetishes, control and even therapy are some of the reasons we were given. Some clients spend hours each week in webcam shows and here's why...

Setting up your webcam shows, tips and tricks to make money as a webcam model by engaging your customers and appealing to a wider audience. How to turn social media to your advantage and start bringing in lots more clients.

How to Make Money as a Webcam Model

10 Reasons to be a Webcam Model Instead of an Escort

Setting up your webcam shows, tips and tricks to make money as a webcam model by engaging your customers and appealing to a wider audience. How to turn social media to your advantage and start bringing in lots more clients.

Hi I have been working on the Paradise Kitty network since early June and have been averaging at least $30.00 - $40.00 an hour. That means each hour signed in, including my time in free chat and privates combined. I am always steadily busy and have had no issues. I have never spent very much time in free without getting taken to private pretty quickly. The customers so far have all been very friendly and fun. So far I really like it and feel the only thing limiting my income is the time I put in. The more time put in you can pretty much count on getting great pay!!! Love it!!

PS. Also you when you start out you immediately are able to set your own rates. Paradise Kitty does payout every week on Fridays with the minimum payout for checks to be $200.00 or it rolls to the next pay period. Checks are mailed out every Friday. I have always been paid on time with no issues. When you first sign up it may take a few days to get approved but once approved its all good. Good Luck!!!

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